Goku, Cell, Super Buu, Dragonball Z Canvases

Three new canvases to add to the Dragonball Z library! Commissioned for a bedroom.


All aerosols on canvas with a little bit of marker highlighting in places. Dot effect created using can bursts.

Cell 40x50cm, Goku 40x30cm, Super Buu 50x50cm


“Make A Change” Music Video

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Empress Asher & Lorien Edwards helping to produce the video for the soulful and moving track, “Make A Change”.

Beat Bazaar Records approached me after a couple of unfruitful attempts to get a video that worked with the lyrics and sentiment of the song. Once we had met it became clear the global aspects of the song were the ones to illustrate in the video. The hard part was finding suitable footage to use without the time to go out and film as the schedule was very tight to accompany the release of the track itself. I am indebted to NASA and the Public Domain Video sites such as Vimeo and the Internet Archive for the majority of the footage. A few of the assets used I created myself.

Please listen, watch and enjoy!

Lichfield Cathedral

On visiting Lichfield recently while doing a workshop I managed to spend a bit of time at the Cathedral. This specially created stencil was very useful! I also managed to get a tour of the innards of the spires. It is truly an amazing building.

LichCath02-web LichCath01-web


Dragonball Z: Goku vs Frieza

A painting of Goku & Frieza based on the movie Dragonball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.

A very rare spare sunday afternoon to paint with the kids!

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Still Stones Music Videos

Still Stones performed at the Old Market Tavern in Altrincham on May 24th 2014. I was there to capture a fantastic performance by the band and created three videos that give you a flavour of the band at work. It was a challenging shoot using multiple camera angles and as the stage is right next to the toilets there are occassions when people walk in front of the stage! I must also apologise as the sound is not top quality. We had to record the sound on multiple systems and then combine them but there is audience noise still.

The videos are available on a playlist on the JME-DZYNZ youtube channel. Click here and enjoy!

Old Trafford Sports Barn & Seven Sisters

Came across this photo taken from Paragon House on Seymour Grove. Looks out across Seymour Park to the Sports Barn and then onto the Seven Sisters at the North end of Old Trafford before they started tearing some of them down.Old Trafford View

JME & Pero

The pieces below were thrown up on a sunday morning in 2009 at the Whalley Range writers yard. Pero came to visit and we had a couple of hours spare so went and put these up!