MURALS 2000-2009

Since 1984 I have been creating my own pieces or murals and helping others to make large scale art. In the early days this was just about graffiti and for myself or friends. The progression and pressures of time brings other opportunities and this section highlights some of them. The majority of the murals featured have been completed in one or two day workshops with children and young people with a wide range of abilities.

The murals featured below are from 2000-2009 while more recent ones can be found using the headers above.


The Partington Family Centre was re-branded and now called the Unity Centre but still led by the Childrens Society. The work there had taken on a more focused approach and as part of this a project exploring guns and gangs was instigated. To keep the group engaged this mural was commissioned, taking around five by three hour sesssions to create with about a dozen people helping out.

Aerosol & Markers on Wood, 20ft x 4ft


The Friends Of Ashton Park commissioned a wall in the park to be painted after seeing workshops with young people in the park during the summer of 2008. The painting was completed over three by three hour sessions with the initial session being a wildlife trail led by the friends to generate ideas. Around twenty young people took part and the faces are an amalgamation of a few of them! Apologies for the quality of the photos, it was a sunny day and crap camera.

Aerosol on Wall, 32ft x 8ft


Starbucks were working with Trafford Housing Trust on a FairTrade project and asked to create a mural as part of the campaign. Initially a group of young people from Stretford & Urmston took part in workshops on canvases and boards creating artworks that were exhibited at the Trafford Centre store. The main mural was done at a yard in Whalley Range with a group of six over the space of around 6 hours.

Aerosol on Wall, 50ft x 9ft


At the end of 2007 and start of 2008 the Childrens Society asked for the rear of the Family Centre on Oak Road to be completed. These murals were with a particularly young age group.

Aerosol & Markers on Wood, 10ft x 8ft and 10ft x 4ft


Over a day at the 2007 Longford Park Festival a wall was created for people to paint, capturing the days events and the celebration of diversity that the event focused on.

Aerosol on Wood, 32ft x 4ft

Longford Festival 2007 Collage


Late in 2007 Trafford Council wanted to make the subway at Humphrey Park Train Station a legal art space. Primarily as it was regularly used for graffiti and not in a good sense as most of it was either low quality or offensive! After getting permissions from the council, GMPTE, Network Rail and Trafford Housing Trust (they all own some part of the station and subway!) young people from Lostock Youth Centre were invited to design art for the walls and help to paint it. The mural painting and the workshops leading up to it was weekly for around 8 weeks with a day late in November to finish it off. Working under lights most of the time and with the public still able to access the path it was a challenging project. It was blackwashed about 18 months later!

There is also a video on youtube to accompay this project. It can be found here

Aerosol on Wall, 90ft x 9ft x 2


A Music and Art event was held at Moor Nook Park in Sale Moor provided the opportunity to re-paint a previous mural space (see below)  that had outlived its purpose. Over a very wet evening young people helped to create a new Sale Moor mural and all added their tags to it while listening to some top tunes and having a bit of a party.

Aerosol on Wood, 32ft x 4ft


The Childrens Society requested a week of workshops creating a range of murals with different age groups and on different themes to go up inside and otside the centre. Over the week we managed to make 4 murals and update another although I don’t have a finished picture of one of them. All were done onto 8x4ft OSB using outdoor emulsion in the main but a bit of aerosol and markers as well.


Over the course of four hours one afternoon a group of young people created two large murals in the court area of Davyhulme Park. Well over 40 people took part in the painting.

Aerosol on Metal, 30ft x 4ft & 40ft x 4ft

DAVYB3collage2 DAVYB3collage1


A youth project near to the Partington Family Centre asked for help in creating a memorial wall for three young men who had all died in the same year. The young people created this wall inside the house they had a base in. Later on it was knocked down and while the youth project had also folded the young people wanted the memorial recreated in a public wall in the local park. In 2007 I repainted it exactly as the young people had originally onto a wall out in the community. Unfortunately this is the best picture I have as the wall had just been rendered and they wanted to keep the fences up a little longer!

Aerosol on Wall, 18ft x 9ft (2005) 10ft x 6ft (2007)



Trafford Council regularly ran events at Longford Park. For this workshop I was asked to engage with families and children attending the wider event and get them to paint images of their fsvourite events of the day onto the boards. We also let a couple of aspiring graffiti artists paint a peice and characters onto this one. The final boards were about 45ft long so the picture below is a collage in three rows.



For a childrens bedroom I was aksed to create a Teletubbies and Spiderman layout so the two children had the designs near to their space in the room.

Aerosol, Markers & Paint on Wall, 12ft x 8ft & 8ft x 8ft


A client commissioned a piece for their bathroom, providing a picture of a dolphin to base it on. The results are below across 3 walls and above the bath itself.

Aerosol on Wall, 16ft x 5ft

Dolphin collage-web


The Childrens Society had a base in Partington for a number of years and during that time I was fortunate to lead a wide range of workshops and projects that created a series of artworks to go in and outside the centre. One of the first tasks was to decorate the side of the garage and the side wall at the rear of the centre. Over six design and paint workshops a group of local children and young people helped to create these designs and paint them onto the walls as well as making some take-away art. Below is a before and after of the panels and the rear large panel although it’s not quite finished at this stage.

Aerosol on Board, 18ft x 9ft

Aerosol on Board, 12ft x 9ft

Pton Family Centre Rear


The young women in the local dance group had asked for the dance room to be painted. Over the space of a few hours we worked up some quick designs together and painted the boards in the room.

Aerosol on Board, 40ft x 8ft


At one of the aerosol  art events in Carrington someone took a fancy to a design in “Spraycan Art” and asked if it could be done on his car in some way. Later, added a moon to the roof and brought the tail of the cobra round the wing and doors.


A project based at an education to employment centre based near the Seven Sisters in Old Trafford. The project was about giving the young people the confidence to do their own painting. Three x two hour sessions created these walls at the back of the centre.

Aerosol on Brick, 36ft x 9ft


This six session workshop created boards to be hung in Moor Nook Park next door to the Sale Villa youth group base. Representing all the activities the group got involved in at that time. The boards have been painted a few times since and I have used them a few times too.

Aerosol, Markers on Wood, 32ft x 4ft


A one day workshop held at Longford Park during the Breeze Festival. The aim was to create a “Respect Your Park” piece.

With some basic themes and ideas thrown into the mix by the Parks team at Trafford Council this mural was produced over the space of about five hours. Young people at the event helped “colour” the piece and suggested the animals etc and helped to paint them as well. Ably asisted by Al (and not for the last time either!)

Eventually hung in the huts in the Rose Garden. It was there for a number of years before being replaced by the Parklife 2005 mural. Will have to go and check to see if its still around.

Aerosol, Markers on Wood, 34ft x 5ft


Respect Your Park Rose Gardens

and some photos of the day.


In 2003 Trafford Council commissioned an artwork with the young people from an estate in Sale Moor. The boards were eventually hung at either end of a hard football court in the middle of the estate, “Back Lane”.

The young people also got a chance to make their own artworks over the space of around two weeks during the summer holidays. The final piece was 30 feet long and 4 feet high although it was split in two with the “Back Lane” sections kept together.

Aerosol, Markers on Wood, 30ft x 4ft

A quick design changed as it went onto the board as we realised late in the day that the mural would be split. It had to be squeezed somewhat!

The final piece insitu

Back Lane Installed-web