MURALS 2016-

The murals featured below are from 2016 onwards.

BARTON CLOUGH SCHOOL MURAL 2016, (Aerosols & Marker, 10ft x 8ft)

The school wanted to brighten up the play area with a colourful mural designed by pupils. The Year 3’s designed this with inspirational words in mind and bright colours. In the first afternoon workshop 26 of the children helped to paint the 2ft x 2ft boards white. The following week they then sprayed and stenciled on the words/letters of the design and a school badge design. The finished mural looks fantastic in the play area and the Year 3’s should be very proud of their efforts.


FIRSWOOD SCOUTS MURAL 2016, (Aerosols & Marker, 9ft x 6ft)

The Firswood Scouts, Cubs and Beavers – 25th Stretford group asked for a mural to decorate the inside doors of the hall. A peaceful view of a stream and a wooded path was created with a view to the design working as separate doors when fully opened. I will try and get an animation of the mural production done, however I may well add to it anyway before then.