MURALS 2010-2015

Since 1984 I have been creating my own pieces or murals and helping others to make large scale art. In the early days this was just about graffiti and for myself or friends. The progression and pressures of time brings other opportunities and this section highlights some of them. The murals featured are a mixture of commissions, group paintings and workshops with children and young people with a wide range of abilities.

The murals featured below are from 2010-2015 .

THE CHILDREN’S SOCIETY GARDEN WALL 2014, Aerosol on board, (80ft x 4ft)

The Children’s Society asked for help to recreate drawings and designs onto the walls in the garden of their Longford Families First project in Warrington. The murals were created over 4x2hr workshops working with children and adults to take their designs from paper onto the walls. The designs are reflective of activities and the support network offered at the centre. A chalkboard was also created for people to use for messaging or designing on.

COMMUNITY HUT MURAL 2014, Aerosol on Brick, (20ft x 10ft)

The Coverdale & Newbank residents group wanted to decorate the outside of the community hut and engage a group of local young people to do the design. A design workshop was held at the Hut with a further full day to paint the mural. The pictures show the mural from the road and a close up collage that removes the fence!

HATE CRIME MURAL 2014, Aerosol on Board, (16ft x 4ft)

The Coverdale & Newbank residents commissioned a Hate Crime piece to be created at a community event as an attraction. A group of local young people attended a workshop to come up with ideas and practice for the day itself. The mural was completed over a couple of hours and was installed on the nearby sports court later in the year. The pictures show the mural in place and at the event location.

BY THE BRIDGE MURAL 2013, Aerosol on Board, (32ft x 4ft)

By the Bridge, an independent fostering organisation commissioned a mural in 2013. Working with children and young people we first held a design workshop and then used the ideas to create a mural based on the surroundings in Styal and at the farm nearby. They also got the opportunity to create their own canvas to take away. The mural was created in a day with over 20 canvasses to take away.



COSMOS MURAL, SALE MOOR 2013, Aerosol on Brick, (65ft x 8ft)

After a successful workshop at a local school some of the children asked if we could do an aerosol version of the cosmos on the walls of the local Learning Centre. After watching a video journey from Earth to the Cosmic Microwave Background we set about deciding on the elements to include in the painting. Over three days and an evening the group painted the walls black and added a wide variety of celestial objects and spacecraft. The main difficulty the group faced was the crumbling and uneven walls as the weather held up and most had some prior experience of using aerosols.

DINOSAUR BEDROOM WALL 2013, Aerosol, Emulsion & Markers on wall, (11ft x 9ft)

A one day painting for a child’s bedroom. Photographs of the finished wall and animation of its production (2mb gif file may take a short while to load).

STAR WARS BEDROOM MURAL 2012, Aerosol, Emulsion & Markers on wall, (9ft x 9ft)

A one-day commission to create a Star Wars themed mural for a child’s bedroom. Photograph of the finished wall and animation of its production (2mb gif file may take a short while to load).

StarwarsWall1 Star-Wars-Wall-Freeze

ASHCROFT SCHOOL MURAL 2012, Acrylics and Emulsions, (20ft x 12ft)

Towards the end of 2012 Ashcroft School, part of the Together Trust based in Cheadle asked for a mural to decorate the school hall. It is a small school so working with a group of six and after a couple of short workshops later we had a working design. Over the next four weeks the students helped to create this mural (The students in the main photo are blurred.)

IMAGE HAIRDRESSERS MURAL 2012, Aerosols, Markers & Emulsions, (Both walls approx. 18ft x 10ft)

In October 2012 a commission came from Image Hairdressers based in Davyhulme. They were setting a child friendly salon area and wanted a boys and girls area. Over a weekend the two walls were painted with characters to fit around some fancy car seats.

IRWELL VALLEY HA, PARAGON HOUSE MURAL 2012, Acrylics & Markers on Wood, (25ft x 4ft)

In May 2012 a commission came from Irwell Valley Housing Association to create a cityscape of Manchester, Trafford, Salford Quays and Sale West (where they had properties). A few variations on the superhero theme throughout the painting was also required.

The video below is a time lapse of the creation of the mural over three days.

STRETFORD GRAMMAR SCHOOL MURAL 2012, Aerosols, Markers On Canvas (4 parts), (6ft x 5ft)

At the beginning of 2012 Stretford Grammar School asked for a mural project to be delivered. The idea was to create a mural for the stair flight walls between the History & Science departments.

Working  with the Year 9’s a four part mural was created after six workshop sessions to generate ideas and content for the mural. The group also got to do an Aerosol Art Workshop for their efforts on the main project theme.

Stretford Grammar In-Situ

COVERDALE  & NEWBANK CONSULTATION MURAL 2012, Markers on Canvas (100cm x 120cm)

The Coverdale & Newbank Community Association commissioned the creation of mural with a group of young people from their estate in Ardwick that the association works to improve. They had previously looked at ASB caused by young people and that affects young people and the opportunities provided by developing Wonderland Park and “The Hut” at the nearby school.

Over the space of a couple of hours the group illustrated their fears and hopes for the youth and wider community using markers, stencils and blow pens.

Wonderland Canvas Collage-web

“STYLED BY” HAIRDRESSERS 2012, Aerosol on wall(16ft x 10ft)

Commission for Styled By Hairdressers in Radcliffe completed in an afternoon.

LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE, SALE WEST 2011, Aerosol on Board (12ft x 8ft)

Irwell Valley commissioned a graphic to be placed on fields overlooking the main road in Sale West as part of a Keep Britain Tidy campaign week. Unfortunately no pictures of it in place, just the creation process.

“LOVE SALE WEST” 2010, Aerosol on Board (110ft x 8ft)

The Sale West estate in South Manchester had a row of shops that had been knocked down with large white wooden panels erected around the resulting rubble. Irwell Valley Housing Association asked if the boards could be painted with a design created by local school children in the class room and something that featured local groups and organisations in the community.

With it being such a big job I enlisted the support of Peril & Bizr. There was a very limited time frame to get the painting done in, making it difficult to involve too many people but we managed to get a good 20 children and young people helping with the fills at various stages. The photos are from a month or two later when it was snowing and they had removed half the painting. Some of it has since been placed on the community and youth centre. A short video can be viewed on the JMEDZYNZ youtube channel (click here).

LoveSaleWsetCollageLarge LoveSaleWsetCollageweb

“PUT IT DOWN” MURAL 2010, Aerosol on Board, (32ft x 4ft) 

This mural was created for a hip-hop artist as part of the backdrop for a music video. The mural was completed over four hours in the wet and dark, hence a few mistakes but the video (click here to view) was being shot the next day at 6am so needs must! I have included the original design work and some collage pictures of the whole piece.