Welcome to JME-DZYNZ.

This website is a compilation of the art, design and glass work that I do commercially and with youth and community groups and hopefully captures something of everything I do. Feel free to browse the headings and posts.

You can also check out various videos that accompany this site on the JME-DZYNZ Youtube Channel.

I have worked with a huge range of clients over the years and also work with leading agencies including:

City In the Community

Manchester City F.C.

The Children’s Society

Trafford Council

Manchester Council

Trafford Housing Trust

Oldham Council

Greater Manchester Fed. Of Clubs For Young People

Youth Offending Institutions

and a whole host of small businesses, youth and community groups, schools and individuals!

There are unfortunately quite a lot of the murals and workshops I do missing from this website as I often work with agencies that use the artwork for themselves. Hopefully over time I will be able to use the images and video I have in some way. I hope you enjoy what is here for now. If you do want latest updates then follow me on twitter.

If you are interested in commissioning a project, a piece of art or just want to contact me use @jmedzynz on twitter or fill out the form below.